SUMMARY: Limiting memory use for users

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Date: Wed May 25 1994 - 01:31:09 CDT


Sorry for taking so long to summarize the responses I got.

Here's my original query followed by a summary of the responses:

=================ORIGINAL QUESTION===========================
> We have a sparc10 running solaris 2.3 with 128 Megs of Ram and 100 Megs
> of swap.
> Every once in a while, we have users that gobble up too much (~10-50
> Megs) of memory (real and virtual) with huge processes. This causes the
> machine to lock up -- the break key doesn't even work. We have to power
> cycle.
================END OF QUESTION==============================

I got several useful responses.
stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM> Hal Stern
        suggested that I install all the mandatory patches.

We have all the patches but haven't had time to install it yet.
I will try this
        He also suggested to limit the datasize of the user's shell to 128M

I'm trying this one out too.

<> Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS
    is working on something that will send SIGSTOP/SIGKILL to processes
    at various thresholds. Also try patch 101318.

Good luck!

<> Kevin Martinez
<athena!!> John Malick
    Make swap 2x as large as RAM.

I really would like to. Unfortunately funds are tight and I'm not sure
if the CS Department is planning on buying another hard disk (although
prices are looking very attractive).

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