SUMMARY: restore's problem

Date: Tue May 24 1994 - 21:39:16 CDT


My sincerely thanks to all who responded. My original problem is:

> Greetings,
> I am on a SunSparc1+ (4.1.3). The level 0 dump was
> done by :
> #dump 0ubdsf 126 54000 6000 /dev/nrst0 /export/faculty
> When try to restore it with:
> #restore -ibf 126 /dev/nrst0
> What's wrong?

Some people suggested to try most obvious things,
such as rewinding the tape, restoring without "b" option.
I've tried all these, still no luck (I got
"Record size (1460) is not a multiple of dump block size (1024)")
when restoring without b option). Tom Slezak pointed out
that I could use dd command and pipe the standard output
to restore:

dd if=/dev/nrst0 ibs=126b conv=noerror | restore -if -

OK, I got "restore>" prompt smilling at me! I can do cd,
ls, add etc. without problem, well too early to be a happy
sysadmin, when I tried to extract, that same kind of
error appeared. I have checked /usr/adm/message, no media

In conclusion: Either the tape itself has gone bad, or the dump
was bad due to some file system activites while dumpping was

My last hope is to restore my user's files from older tapes.
They can't be all wrong, hopefully.

My thanks to: (Richard Read) (Steve Ozoa)
Tom Slezak <> (David Weitzel)
Ray Brownrigg <>
Nuruddin Bohari <> (Syed Zaeem Hosain)

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