SUMMARY: "RPC: can't decode arguments" from nis passwd

Date: Tue May 24 1994 - 19:55:23 CDT

> We get this on occasion on a variety of hosts for short periods of
> time just after the user attempts to change their nis password. I
> speculated that this might be happening during the time the master
> is in the middle of rebuilding the password map, but this is not
> always the case.

- At least a good clue:

From: Ian Reddy <>

We used to get this message when a user had a ":" in the password (an
RPC/yppasswdd bug screws up on the colon).


  I verified this and sure enough, if there is a ":" in the old password,
the change will fail. You can still set your password containing a ":", just
not after that. I tried a couple of others, like "," , but that appears to
work okay. BTW, I am using about the latest release of the patches on our
4.1.3 servers.


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