SUMMARY: 386i does not boot

From: Eric Maes (
Date: Tue May 24 1994 - 12:03:17 CDT

The question:
The setup: Sparcstation 4/330 networked with a Sun386i. Since
this local
network was to be connected to the campus network, I had to change the
Internet addresses as well as the name of these machines. As far as the
4/330 was concerned, that was no problem. After changing the relevant files
(/etc/hosts, /etc/ethers etc.) on the 386i and rebooting, this system
suddenly thinks is has to boot over the network (it has never been
configured as such). Upon booting, it displays the message:

        There seem to be no bootservers on the network which can respond
        this system. They might be down or overloaded, or perhaps the problem
        is with the network itself.
        Waiting for the problem to go away.

Unfortunately, I cannot wait for the problem to go away!! 8-)
I received a mixed bag of answers from the following (thanks to all)
Michael Assels
Steve Aldous
David Rossman
Dave Fetrow
Stefan Mochnaki
Eric Packman
Aaron Konstam
Tim Wood
The solution:
On the 386i there are much more "relevant" files than on the 4/330 (or
perhaps this has to do with SunOS 4.0.1 on the 386i). Since I had changed
the system name in some files and not in some others, the machine was
trying to boot over the network from a server with the old system name
and of course could not find it ...
The following procedure got this old beast back on its' feet:
>b -bs (note the -bs, -s would not do)
mount -o rw/remount /
mount -f /
mount /usr
change the system name in the following files (all in /etc)
It's as simple as that!

Eric Maes
Renard Centre of Marine Geology
University of Gent

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