SUMMARY: 32Mb Sbus mem on IPX

From: Mike Tiberio (
Date: Mon May 23 1994 - 11:19:01 CDT

The short answer is "Yes!" the SUN 32Mb Sbus memory can be used in the IPX,
we have run sundiag and other apps for 4 days without a hitch. Memory now
totals 80Mb (we only had simms for 48Mb)

Even though the replies were of mixed opinion, we were persuaded by the
presence of the appropriate card-to-motherboard "SAX" connector and the
fact that we have several memory cards lying around.

"Thanks!!!" to everyone in the following list who responded,
especially Glenn Satchell - who pointed out the presence of the
"SAX" connector in the SUN FE handbook. George D M Ross (Edward F Killian)
John Allen (Eric William Burger) (Bill Miller) (Charles Mengel - LGI - Systems Eng Mgr)

Apologies to anyone I may have omitted!

Mike Tiberio

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