SUMMARY: Fortran 90 Compiler

From: Paul Alukal (
Date: Mon May 23 1994 - 12:56:55 CDT

My Original question:

>Hello Sun-Managers,
>I am looking for Fortran 90 compiler, for a Sun Sparc 4/690 server with
>SunOS 4.1.3 (will move to Solaris 2.x next year).
>Any information regarding the availability of this product (from Sun or
>other vendors), performance etc will be appreciated.
>Thank you.
>Paul V. Alukal e-mail:
>GMI Eng. & Mgmt. Institute, Computer Center Telephone: (810) 762-7964
>1700 West Third Avenue, Flint, MI 48504 Facsimile: (810) 762-9819


1) SUN: They don't have a fortran 90 compiler for SunOS 4.1.3. I was
told by SUN Telesales there is a version for Solaris 2.x, however
another mail from someone else suggested it is not available.

2) NAG: (Numerical Algorithms Group?) - they say they have Fortran 90
compiler for SunOS 4.1.3.
       Tel: +1 708 971 2337

3) FUJITSU: (Advertised in "Advanced Systems"): They have a fortran 90
compiler for Solaris 2.x now, but will have one for SunOS 4.1.x in
about 3 months. They also offered to send the beta version for
testing. 1-800-545-OSSI

4) GNU: I was told there is a fortran project under way, however, I
don't have much information about it and don't know whether it is
fortran 77 or 90.

5) EPC - EPC says they currently ships true compilers (as opposed to
Fortran to C translators) on both SGI and Sun (Solaris and SunOS)

6) IMSL: It seems they don't have the fortran 90 support library at
this time.

Thanks to:
Ray Brownrigg <>
Rick Fincher <>
"Reuben R. Cano" <> (Sam Finn)
Keith.Bierman@Eng.Sun.COM (Keith (Michael Stebbins)

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