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Date: Fri May 20 1994 - 02:57:03 CDT

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Hello Sun-managers

    I am having trouble with .kshrc not be run after starting Openwindows.

    We have two machines (goodhost and badhost) both running Solaris 2.3.

    We have two users (gooduser and baduser) each using (goodhost and badhost).
    Both machines are nfs cross-mounted so either user can use either machine.

    Both users use Korn shell and have .kshrc files.

    Good user's aliases are the same as bad user's aliases.

    When both good user and bad user use goodhost then .kshrc is processed and
    both users have their aliases. When both good user and bad user use
    bad_host then .kshrc is used at login time but disappears as soon as
    Openwindows is started (ie 5 seconds after login).

    I have tried nfs mounting /usr/openwin from goodhost to badhost but the
    problem remains on badhost.

    Why would one machine process .kshrc and the other machine not?

    Thanks, and yes I will summarize.
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/etc/profile or users' .profile

Not only do you need ENV=$HOME/.kshrc
but you ALSO need export ENV

Since without the export only the initial shell has the aliases. All other
subshells (ie the ones in openwindows) will not have them unless ENV is

Special thanks to the following people:
Ric Anderson ric@Artisoft.COM - first one
Ronald Henderson
Mark Anderson

Other possibilities from pluto!
- Make sure the userids for all users are the same on all machines.

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