SUMMARY: guest ftp service

From: Richard Harwood (
Date: Thu May 19 1994 - 06:06:43 CDT

Some time ago I posed a request regarding guest ftp access. Basically I
wanted to specify a guest ftp account that would do a chroot in a
similar fashion to the usual 'ftp' user - but I wanted to put a password
on the guest user so 'ftp' wasn't good enough (wanted to have an
anonymous login as well).

Well, the solution (thanks to all of those offering suggestions BTW) was
to incorporate the now quite widely used wu-ftpd (vers 2.4) which does
the job very nicely thankyou. It allows me to have separate guest users
where I can specify a chroot'ed home directory. I'm impressed with all
the additional features (such as access control) that this daemon offers
as well.

With regards,
Richard Harwood,
Systems administration.

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