SUMMARY: pseudo terminals on Solaris 2.3

From: Gregg Siegfried (
Date: Tue May 17 1994 - 21:36:35 CDT

While I checked a recently posted sun-managers FAQ before posting
this question, I did not go through the WAIS summary archives.

It appears that the answer was there, although for 2.2 rather
than 2.3.

The appropriate addition to one's /etc/system file to change the
number of pseudo terminals is:

set pt_cnt=xxx

Which, I almost had figured out.

One thing that this pointed out to me was my need for a Solaris 2.3
system that I can experiment on, as the few systems we have that run
it are "mission critical" and I'd quickly have a number of unhappy
people on my hands if I engaged in service affecting research.

Thanks to:
And anyone else whose replies I may not have received yet.

To those that see fit to take one to task for not exhaustively searching
the archives before posting, I'll point out that the early WAIS user interface
turned me off enough that I occasionally forget that this is an option. These
days, with gopher and mosaic, I probably don't have a case there. At least
the question didn't have anything to do with applicationShellWidgetClass.

Gregg Siegfried

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