SUMMARY: Uggh! Another sendmail question

From: Gary Richardson (
Date: Tue May 17 1994 - 20:58:53 CDT


I guess maybe this wasn't exactly the best place to post this.
A few reminded me that this is for SUN questions, not AIX questions.
But I thought that since it was being plopped in the middle of
all my Suns, and had to interact with them (and coversely my Suns
had to interact with IT) that I was allowed. Sorry all! :-)

Anyways, some suggestions to my question on how to get the AIX machine
to act just like all my suns by having the From line always be
"" and not having hostnames in the address:

1. Use smail. Supposed to be VERY easy to configure.

2. DOn't post non-sun questions to this list

3. Get the PD version of sendmail, version 8.6.8

4. Take the sun and change some of the mailer flags

I think I'll try smail. I tried the PD sendmail on my suns at one
point but didn't have the time to work the configuration. Oh, and
I'll take #2 to heart (sorry Tim...).

Thanks to: (Martin Achilli) (Tim Evans)
Dave Hightower <> (John Benjamins)


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