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Hi Sun Managers (Leslie_B_Dreyer Kalra) (Steve_Kilbane)
Steve Hanson <>
 They said NFS/TCP will be available in Solaris 2.4 or later. (Cecil Pang) called it NFS+. (Perry Hutchison) : a commercial add-on for SunOS 4.x.

Dave Fetrow <>
> BSDI inc. does. They don't have a SPARC version of BSD 4.4 quite yet.

Casper Dik <>
> Neither supports NFS/TCP. Some variants of BSD do at this moemnt
> and perhaps a new release of Solaris will.

"Mr. Samuel Foo" <sfoo@HK.Super.NET>
> I've asked the question a month before, the answer is NFS over TCP is not
> currently support on both Solaris and SunOS, but may be in the next
> version of Solaris, 2.4. Some people have heard that BSDI Unix has support
> for NFS over TCP. Also, you might check the PC/TCP manual, they listed several
> OSes that supports that. (Mark O Reilly)
> On page 706 of the SunOS 4.1.x "System and Network Administration"
> manual, in Chapter 22 "Advanced Administration Topics", there is a
> parameter called "udp_cksum". You need to set this parameter=1 in the
> file /usr/sys/netinet/in_proto.c. and then make a new kernel. There is
> even an example using the syntax on page 704.
> I have no idea how to do this in Solaris, but it should be in the manual
> in a similar section.
> This does not enable NFS over TCP, but rather turns on UDP
> checksumming. The manual says this should be turned on for long haul
> networks.
> Please note that although I know where the info. is, I haven't actually
> done it myself, and so I can't tell you whether it works.

For Solaris 2.3, the value for udp_do_checksum is 1. I presume that checksum
is enabled. The command: "ndd /dev/udp \?" shows that values that can be
changed. CAUTION: do not type "ndd /dev/udp udp_status" it will cause a
a system panic over recursive mutex.

> I believe the NFS which comes with 4.1.X (3 in my case) is TCP based. I
> am successfully using it with Novell and DEC systems. (John Justin Hough)
> Sun release TI-RPC several years ago. Transport independence is what
> allows RPC over TCP. Solaris can be set to use RPC over TCP and it
> is the mode that secure RPC uses. However, secure RPC is very resource
> expensive. I believe that 4.1.3 supports secure RPC too, so it should
> suppore RPCs over TCP.

Thanks, KS Chang
Computervision Services Singapore
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