SUMMARY: DNS on Solaris 2.x machine

From: Gary Richardson (
Date: Tue May 17 1994 - 18:01:07 CDT

Wow! Quite a response. And my apoligies to those of you who scortched
my shorts with RTFM's. I wish I had some FM's to read, aside from
the man pages! :-) And since I didn't know where to look, man pages
are just 8MB worth of "stuff". :-)

Anyways, to make this short and sweet, to set up a Solaris 2.x
machine for DNS w/o NIS, you need to edit the /etc/nsswitch.conf
file and add a line like this:

hosts: files dns

I haven't tried this but I'm sure it will work.

Oh, and I'm sorry if I offended anyone by saying I hate Solaris 2.
After all, that IS MHO, and no offense to others should be taken.
But I will make one promise to everyone who basically told me I
shouldn't judge before I really give it a chance (and you are
all correct). I'll give SOlaris 2 the old college try. After all,
When Star Trek Next Generation came out I hated it. I felt it
was a disgrace to the original S.T. But after 7 years, I like it
more! Ya never know... this 4.x kid might become a lover of Solaris 2!!

My sincere thanks to the MANY people who responded to me: (Gregg Siegfried)
Aydin Edguer <edguer@MorningStar.Com> (Brad Walker) (Tim Evans) (Octavio Diez de Sollano)
Kurt.McDougall@BarwonWater.Vic.Gov.Au (Mike Jones) (Michael A Leo)
Jason L Tibbitts III <>
Ric Anderson <ric@Artisoft.COM> (Henry Katz)
Art Greenia <> (Pawel Marczewski)
heas <
Lutz Brunke <>
Casper Dik <> (Steve_Kilbane) (Robert D. Worsham) (Jose M. Alcaide)
Christian Lawrence <> (Fredrik Nyman)
Torsten Metzner <> (SrA Bruce R Baier) (Brian Farrell 4-6531)

Whew... this list is longer than my email....

Thanks again everyone. Sorry if I bothered anybody...


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