SUMMARY: Reading from the parallel port on an LX

From: Mr T Crummey , DIJ (
Date: Sun May 15 1994 - 17:02:27 CDT


I asked if anyone had attached a postscript printer to the parallel port on
an LX and managed to read Postscript errors wnd pagecounts back from the
printer (a la serial port). I got four replies.

Two were if you hear anything let us know.
One was you can do this because we've got a scanner, but the code is 3rd party
and we haven't got source.
One said the parallel port isn't bidirectional.

This last reply is wrong since SUN and the manual assured me that it was.
This was all under 4.1.3U1.

I had a support call with SUN for this, but they had no example code for
reading the parallel port.

So no joy.


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