SUMMARY: Printing from MS-Windows(pcnfs) to JetDirect

From: Joseph P DeCello III (discovery!
Date: Sat May 14 1994 - 19:53:50 CDT

Well after much struggle, I inadvertantly fixed this and got it working.

This is my system:
        SparcStations running SunOS4.1.3
        PCs running DOS/Windows and PCNFS5.0
        HP LaserJet 4M w/Jet Direct
        HP DesignJet 650c w/Jet Direct

Like with many things, vendors tend to think that PCs are on a PC network.
In my case, my Sparcs do all network servicing including printing, and I'm
not running Win for workgroups, vines, banyan, novell, etc....

The only connection from PCs to Sparcs is PCNFS5.0 (similiar to FTP 2.2).

Problem: When I first got he 4M I couldn't print from MS-windows via
          the JetDirect card. All spooling goes through Sparc, via TCP/IP.

          In addition, bootp never quite worked right, although printing
          from other Unix systems (and DOS) to the 4M worked fine.

Two things happened to cause a change in my system.
        1. I upgraded the print server to SunOS 4.1.3_U1 (solaris 1.1.1 Vb)
           - there was a nasty network bug crashing pre-solaris 1.1.1 Vb systems
        2. We recievd the Plotter, so I *had* to get this working
           - we'd been using serial for printing to the laserjet to get by

I did the upgrade from scratch, reinstalled the HPNP software for the JetDirect.
This time bootp works perfectly. Next, when I installed it, I DID NOT choose
the AutoSwitching option (Like before). Instead I choose the "pass-through"
option. That was the trick, let the printer (not the hpnp software) determine
the right language for each job.

Everything works like a charm. I use the 4/4m driver in MS-Windows that came
with the printer. I use the Adobe PostScript windows driver that came with
the plotter. For WordPerfect for Windows V5.2, I use the HP 4 PostScript driver
and set it as a network printer. I have V6.0 but haven't tried it yet. V6.0
no longer has the network box next to the port choice in printer setup.

Sorry if this is the wrong group, but all the snags were getting it to work
through the SparcStation. If I didn't have the Sparc, and was using a
MicroSoft or other PC LAN, I would've had different problems (and posted to
different group).

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