SUMMARY: sudo for Solaris 2.x

From: Edward F Killian (
Date: Sat May 14 1994 - 02:52:02 CDT

Thanks to those who responded, who are listed below. The respondent that is
listed first actually sent me a copy of sudo.v1.3 in uuencoded format, thank
you very much. I decoded this then worked on compiling it. First mistake
while compiling was SunOS 4.1.3 gcc in my path before the Solaris 2.x gcc. So,
after two or three attempts to get paths right to include gcc, make
(/usr/ccs/bin), LD_LIBRARY_PATH for /usr/ucblib, etc. things compiled OK and
I now have it installed. Now to play with it.

The second respondent offered:

> I have done the work. I will stick a copy on my anon ftp,
> I have made some personal opinion types changes which are basically
> executable/logfile locations/methods. Be sure to read the build/install
> instructions (INSTALL), because I've changed the way it works for my own
> benefit. I just went through a build on my solaris 2.3 machine and it went
> smoothly.
> The only problem that I have with it is that for some strange reason
> it doesn't work with svr4's kill(1). kill is a script of some sort and I
> have not yet spent the time to track the problem. the same thing occurs on my
> dg machine.
> anyway, it is there if you wish. The usual use-at-your-own-risk and
> I'm-not-responsible type stuff applies.
> If you have troubles, please let me know. feed-back/criticism
> quite welcome.

The third respondent offered:

> Archie found the following for me a while ago.
> Works good.
> Host (
> Last updated 15:27 13 Mar 1994
> Location: /pub
> FILE -rw-r--r-- 102400 bytes 08:55 3 Nov 1993 sudo1.2.solaris.tar

Jonathan B. Horen
Sr. System Administrator
Applicom Systems, Ltd.

From: heas <> ( No signature line )

Harald van Breederode                              Unix System Manager
Oracle Nederland BV                                Computer Operations
+31 3406 94659,   

Thanks again for the responses.

Ed Killian

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