SUMMARY: new printsystem in Solaris 2.4

From: Ulla Fischer (
Date: Thu May 12 1994 - 20:05:25 CDT

My question was:
I have heard, that the release notes to Solaris 2.4 says, that 2.4
will contain the bsd printing system. The good old /etc/printcap will
be back! Does anyone have some more precise information than this?
Does SUN drop the system V way, or will the operating system contain
both systems?

The answers:

SUN will replace the existing SVR4 print spooler in some future
releases of Solaris 2. See page 2 and 3 in the booklet ``Solaris 2.3
Open Issues and Late-Breaking News for System Administrators'', that
comes with Solaris 2.3.

        - lpsched/lpNet will go away in the future.
        - the new print system will understand the BSD printing protocol.

It specifically does *NOT* say:

        - when this will happen (some future release)
        - that the replacement will be based on the BSD lpd code.

Two have heard, that SUN was going with a product called Palladium,
but not in 2.4

One mentions COSE and one POSIX.

Roland Kaltefleiter gave me a completely different advice:

I did remove the system 5 lpsystem and installed a pd-version of BSD
Its fine and stable and I could take over my old SunOS 4.1.3

Here is the README:
This is the standard 4BSD lpd ported to Solaris2. It should be a good
place to start if you're porting over to other SVR4 type platforms.
Note that the code to handle locally attached printers has not been
ported. We don't have printers hanging off tty's so if you need that
you can hack the ioctl's into termios' yourself (and fling the mods my
way if you like). Undef NO_STTY in Makefile if you want to see what's

There's also a simple implementation of the flock() routines so that you
can link it directly rather than using a bsd compat' library. This is
required as lpd uses shared locks a fair bit so you'll lose if you just
use lockf().

Included here is also a couple of simple scripts, lp and lpdshut, for
those stuck on SysV boxes with app's that call lp for printing. There's
also startup scripts for /etc/rc2.d and the like if you need them.

Other than that, the majority of mod's I've made are wrapped in #ifdef
SVR4 so they should be easy to spot. If you need doco, I've included a
postscript dump of the standard BSD doc in doc/06.lpd

Any comments etc. appreciated.

                                        David J. Huges
Thanks to all who responded:
 Mike Rembis 66520 <> (Steve Hanson)
 Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <> (Dave Haut) (Steve_Kilbane)
 Roland Kaltefleiter <> (Casper H.S. Dik)

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