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Date: Thu May 12 1994 - 13:48:25 CDT

Sun Managers:

Thanks all for responding to my request for a postscript print filter.
The original question was:

        "Sun Managers:

         Looking for a Sparc filter from regular text to format compatible
         with LASERWRITER PLUS printer (postscript). Possibly transcript
         software would be nice. We have this on a 68000 arch and in the
         process of upgrading."


I found psf at, or and nenscript

The responses and credits follow:

>There's a program called 'nenscript' out there that I compiled & use
>with CAP on our (SPARC) systems.
>don't know exactly where it is, but archie probably would.
>Dale Houston, computer guy : All that stuff that bummed
>Dept of Biostatistics : me out ten years ago
>Cleveland Clinic Foundation : still bugs me today
> : -too much joy
>Mike Raffety <>
>You can get Transcript from Adobe; it's not freeware, but the site
>license is a bargain.
>There's also Newsprint from Sun.
> (Donald McLachlan)
>Get psf from the net. It works wonders.

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