SUMMARY: Answerbook and X-terminals

From: Andrew George (
Date: Thu May 12 1994 - 12:20:04 CDT

Thanks to everyone who responded, I'm pleased to say that my query has a happy

Original query:
> Hello sun-managers,
> Has anyone had any luck displaying answerbook pages(display postscript) on
> SUN X-terminal running Solaris 2.3? The navigator seems to display ok, but
> when a document is selected it causes a `postscript display error'.
> SUN say it can't be done, and may not even be fixed in Solaris 2.4.
> Is there a way?

Yes, there is a way.

mdere@FOSSA.Navy.Mil.NZ(Lt Mark de Reeper) replied and explained that what is
needed is an additional s/w extension to the X server s/w to support
DPS (display postscript). He has been using a beta copy of the X-terminal s/w
for the Sun X-terminal successfully as well as the same sort of s/w for the NCD

I have since found out from Sun, here in Australia, that the next revision of
the Sun X-terminal s/w will contain DPS support and is due for release here

I have also heard that Tektronix is also adding DPS support to their next
revision of X-terminal s/w, version 7.0.

In my case, I just have to wait until Sun release their s/w and my problem
should be solved.

Other solutions availible right now include: Fetrow)
-using Gnu "ghostscript" and a little perl code to build a viewer Grossjohann)
-a program called xnav that uses ghostscript to do the display

Many thanks to the people above and to the following people who supplied the
same sort of info, and also assured me that I wasn't alone with this problem. (Edward F Killian) (Mike Raffety) (Sanford Whitehouse) (Glenn Shaw) (Linda Cygan) (Duncan Savage) (Edward Resnick)

Thanks again,


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