SUMMARY: Solaris 2.3 volume mgmt won't release/eject my CDs!

Date: Tue May 10 1994 - 10:38:17 CDT

I appreciate the quick responses from the list, and I believe I know the answer ..

yes, I had carefully cd'd out of the /cdrom space and yes, I had carefully stopped all
the processes I knew of referencing the /cd, but after I got lsof recompiled and ran it,
lo! and behold it revealed that indeed (as Caller #3 correctly identified - he wins
the all-expense paid trip to WackyLand!), the the spro_install app had started the license
manager and license daemon running against the cd. Once they were stopped, it dismounted
with no problem!

Thanks, folks!

 Howard Modell (206)662-0189 POBox 3707, m/s 4C-63, Boeing D&SG Seattle, WA 98124-2207

} From Mon May 9 15:09:44 1994
} Date: Mon, 9 May 1994 15:09:03 +0800
} From: (Dances on keyboards (Louis Brune))
} My guess is that a license manager process is still hanging around.
} And, distasteful though it may be, you can always reboot.

} From hermes!! Mon May 9 14:19:08 1994
} Reply-To:
} Date: Mon, 9 May 1994 14:03:54 +0800
} From: (Steve Ozoa)
} We ran into this while setting up our new SparcCluster. It had mounted the CD
} for a diskless boot, and didn't let go. We had to kill the mountd process. We
} found it with fuser, which is a standard part of the OS, so you should be able
} to use it. Not as good as lsof, but maybe good enough to find your culprit.

} From scowles@scheffer.Stanford.EDU Mon May 9 13:51:46 1994
} Date: Mon, 9 May 1994 13:52:49 -0700
} From: scowles@scheffer.Stanford.EDU (S. Cowles)
} i experienced a similar situation on an LX when installing 2.3. my
} guess was that the install process did not exit cleanly. i did a
} reboot and everything was copcetic afterwards.
} sid

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