SUMMARY: solaris 2.3 boot time umask

From: Ric Anderson (
Date: Fri May 06 1994 - 18:06:54 CDT

The winning answer came from (Per Hedeland)

>I put it in (Sol 2.2) /etc/rc2.d/ (you need the .sh to
>get it sourced rather than exec'ed).

It appears on my machine that this fixed part of the problem. I
also had to put a link to that file in /etc/rcS.d, /etc/rc1.d,
and /etc/rc3.d, as each of /sbin/rc? scripts appears to run as
a separate process, so youve to set the umask for each one.

Thanks to all who responded.
Ric (<ric@Artisoft.COM> "Ric Anderson", speaking for himself)

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