Summary: NetWare Sunlink?

From: Mark Mellman (
Date: Sun May 08 1994 - 21:29:00 CDT


> I am currently trying to decide on how to communicate from my Novell
> network to my Sun network (and vica versa) in the most effiecent way.
> Does anyone have NetWare Sunlink running?
> If so, do you like it?
> If you decided on a different design for Novell connectivity, why, how?
> Does NetWare Sunlink run on Solaris 2.3?
> What is the performance like?
> Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

Well, the votes are in:

(4) said that they are using it and like it.
(5) said that they evaluated it and didn't like it
    and they choose to go with a NFS solution.

Some other information included:

NetWare Sunlink is not a product under Solaris 2.X because
Sun is going to be able to run the IPX protocol WHEN 2.4
is released.

Some people said that it ran like a pig under Solaris 1.1
and others said that it runs great. (?????????)

Thanks are in order to: (Raymond Trzaska) (Larry Chin) (Manfred Liebchen) (BRS Administrator)
ed@magma.COM (Ed Romascan) (Michel Gacem) (Cliff Trapp (MIS)) (Kevin Clark) (Richard Niziak)

Thanks for responding!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Mellman
Network Systems Manager

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