SUMMARY: Installing 2nd HD in Sparc 10/30

From: Henrik Schmiediche (henrik@PICARD.TAMU.EDU)
Date: Wed May 04 1994 - 01:04:13 CDT

Thanks to all who responded to my question:

>> I need to install a second internal harddisk on eith a Sun 10 Model 30
>> or a Sun 10 Model 40. I believe the 10/40 can handle 10MB/sec scsi
>> dirves(?), but what about the 10 Model 30?
>> I presume standard 3.5 inch drives will fit in the Sun 10 box - but do
>> I need any special mounting hardware... and if so where can I find/buy
>> that?
>> Any recommendations on 1+ Gig internal hard disk for the Sun?
>> The upshot of this is that when I order the hard disk I want to make
>> sure I know what I order - size, mounting kit(s), specs... etc. I'd
>> really appreciate it if someone who has done this could give me some
>> pointers. I don't want to be stranded with a hard disk that "for-some-
>> reason-or-another" is not compatible with the 10/30 or 10/40.

The email I receive confirmed that
    1) The Sun 10 Model 30 or 40 does do fast scsi-2 (10 MB/sec)
    2) There are many hard disks that fit the bill. Some possibilities
       included the: Seagate st1200N/ST12400N, Fujitsu M2694ESA or
       Hewlett Packard C2247. Form factor is 3 1/2"; 2 drives max
    3) Make sure you specify a sparc mounting kit - many vendors have
       them. If you can't find the mounting kit: "I was not able to
       find a "hardware mounting kit" for the disk or the SPARC 10 and
       so I had to -make up- the mount myself. This can be done with
       (4) 10/32 x 1/4" screws, lock washers and masking tape (or 3/8"
       rubber grommets). It's something you -can- do yourself, if you're
       in a bind, but you (and I) will still be better of using the
       right components... provided we can get them!"
    4) A lot of people recommended the 1.05 gig internal hard disks
       sold by Sun [gee... they must actually have competitive
       pricing... the last time I tried to order something from Sun
       they wanted over $6000, I got the part for <$400]. Price from
       Sun for 1.05GB HD: $1150.00, for 2.1GB: $1,775.00.

Some miscelleaneous comments:

Hi - we ordered some extra internal 1-gigabyte seagate drives for some
sparc10/51's that were part of a Sun upgrade program. When I tried to
install a drive (using the grommets that came with the upgrade) I
found it sat too low in the cpu box and the scsi connector wouldn't
allow the drive to seat properly. Then I looked at the drive that
came with the cpu and noticed a mounting bracket. Further inspection
revealed the bracket elevated the drive between 1/16th and 1/8th of an
inch so the scsi connector would fit properly. I ordered the brackets
from RAVE 1-800-966-rave for $25 apiece. I got various prices from
people that WOULD sell me a bracket - some wouldn't even sell me one.


1) you need 4 rubber spacers (is that the name for them? I.m Italian
BTW) to hold the hard disk in place. I did without them and simply
rested the hard disk on the base of the SS10 for a while. I also tried
to make them myself, but it is quite hard. If you get the HD from Sun
then they are supplied with the HD.

2) watch out for the height of the hard disk. I suggest you open your
SS10 and mesaure with a caliper the existing HD. Don't get a HD any
higher. I had a Hita chi DK 315C 1.4Gb and it was slightly too high,
thus compromising air-flow and closing the SS10 box a bit tricky.


Yes, they both can handle two internal fast-scsi drives. Sun sells
Seagate 1.05GB disks that work well. Third parties can also sell you
appropriate disks; just make sure they provide a SS10 mounting kit. I
don't know if there are any problem drives that draw too much power or
generate too much heat; make sure you get a guarantee of 100%
compatibility with the SS10.

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