SUMMARY: Exabyte 8505 and 10 Gb capacity

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Date: Tue May 10 1994 - 00:23:27 CDT


  This was a case of RTFM, but not realizing that compression required
  a special option to enable.

  Chuck Foley said it best:

> You should be using /dev/rmt/0c to write with compression
> turned on....The man page (Solaris 2.3) for "st" indicates this
> (near the end, there is a chart of density specifications and
> the density actually written for different drive types.

  -- Bob

  Thanks to: (Gyula P. Szokoly) (John P. Linderman) (Chuck Foley)

  My original Posting:


  There has been a lot of discussion about tape drives of late, but
  now I have a query of my own. We have two Exabyte 8505 8mm tape
  drives connected to a SPARCserver 1000 (6 processors, Solaris 2.3)
  which are claimed to have a ~10 Gb capacity using built-in hardware
  compression. However, we have not been able to store more than
  ~5 Gb per tape (this makes no difference whether the tape is new
  or old [I've seen the report about tape drives using the lower
  density instead of the higher one for used tapes, but we're seeing
  this behavior with new tapes as well!]).

  A 'probe-scsi-all' shows the drives as '8505.....', but we see
  8500 behavior. We are using '/dev/rmt/0h' (not 'l' or 'm'). Has
  anyone seen/solved this problem?
  Thanks in advance, and of course I'll summarize.

  -- Bob

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