SUMMARY: 3/80 keyboard troubles

From: Derrick J. Brashear (
Date: Sun May 08 1994 - 18:45:13 CDT

On Friday I wrote:

Excerpts from internet.sun-managers: 6-May-94 3/80 keyboard troubles by
Derrick Brashear@andrew.
>A few weeks ago, the keyboard in my 3/80 finally called it quits. The
>thin cable inside, with 5 metallic strips covered in some sort of tape,
>broke. So, I first attempted to shorten the cable such that this
>wouldn't be a problem, and now I've brought in a known working keybaord.
>No luck. The DIP switches are set right on the second keyboard, however,
>on power-up, it doesn't beep or blink the lights as the old keyboard
>did. It tells me it's using ttya as console, and it ignores any
>keypresses from the keyboard including L1-A. The keyboard cable was just
>tested with a multimeter and is intact. Is there something on the
>motherboard I could have jarred loose? A fuse I might have blown?
>Anything that would cause this?

Thanks to Glenn Satchell ( and
Bob Bownes (, both of whom told me it was most
likely the fuse on the motherboard, next to the keyboard connector, which
upon checking, it was.

I'm borrowing a fuse as a short-term fix; Radio Shack didn't have em...

Many thanks...


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