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From: Lothar Mueller (
Date: Thu May 05 1994 - 04:39:45 CDT

 Yesteray I wrote :

> Hello fellow managers !
> One of our users complains about the space that is reserved for
> message queues in the kernel. There seem to be two limits, one for
> a sigle queue (now more or less 2 K) and one for the sum of all queues.
> Does anybody know which parameters I should set in the kernel-config-file ?
> We run mostly SunOS 4.1.3 and on some boxes Solaris 2.3, so I would like
> to know it for both systems.
> Of course I will summarize !
> Greeetings and TIA L.Mueller

 The problem could be solved by RTFM - I looked in "Global Index" and
 didn't find anything useful so I wrote to the list. Many thanks to : (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
 Doug Neuhauser <>
 Gustavo Vegas <titan!> (Institut de Physique Nucleaire)
 for pointing me in the right direction. In the volume System and Network
 Administration (SunOS 4.1) page 700 ff is all I need for SunOS 4.1.x
 For Solaris 2.x I have to put entries in /etc/system. I include the mail
 from Erwan Marec :
> Hi,
> Well, to change message queue kernel parameters, you have to edit the /etc/system file.
> Then you can modify the parameters setting.
> Under Solaris 2.xx, you'd rather to add the following lines :
> msginfo_msgmap = xxx, where xxx is a value between 1 and 1000 indicates the
> number of entries in message map (by default: 100).
> msginfo_msgmax = xxx, where xxx is the maximum message size (2048 by default).
> msginfo_msgmnb = xxx, where xxx is the maximum bytes on queue (default:4096).
> msginfo_msgmni = xxx, where xxx is the number of message queue identifier
> (default:50).
> msginfo_msgssz = xxx, where xxx is the segment size of a message (should be
> multiple of the word size, default:8).
> msginfo_msgtql = xxx, where xxx is the number of system message headers
> (default:40).
> msginfo_msgseg = xxx, where xxx is the number of message segments (must be < 32768).
> After tuning up kernel parameters, you must reboot your system.
> I hope this will be useful, for further information, send me a mail.
> Erwan Marec
> Institut de Physique Nucleaire
> Orsay - France.

 A million thanks to all Lothar Mueller

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