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From: Lee Hyuck-Joong (hjlee@snoopy.postech.ac.kr)
Date: Thu May 05 1994 - 18:11:35 CDT

hi, All Sun-managers...
I would summarize all I recieved that I questioned...

First I questioned that

> Who are you? You have no entry in /etc/utmp! Aborting...
> getwd: can't stat .

Everyone answered this question So many answer but ...

My real Problem is that my X Program run abnormally....

So, I didn't get proper answer ...

If anyone can help me please tell me...

And I din't use NFS or NIS in my machine....

Someone tell me that try like this

XTerm*utmpInhibit: False

but, this does not correct my problem....

and Second is

| Two is that when I type "su " command then two situation appears....
| just type su (becoming super user), then work well....
| but type " su other username" then ask me passwd so , I typed
| passwd then below message appear
| getwd: can't stat .
| but , this situation appears only other user's login directory...
| so goto upper directory using " cd .." then works well....

this is why that

The user to which su don't have access permissions to the directory.
Check permissions, it has to be like:

drwx------ .....
smth. similar

If You'll change permissions of the directory to following:

drwxr-xr-x ........

as I do like above I can do it that is to say I can use su command...

Thanks ....

and I specially tanks to


  who kindly answered my questions.....

and If I omitted someone who answer my question I really sorry that I forgot
his names.....

maybe someone know my 1st probelm...

then please help me what should I change my X environment...

Thankx in advance....

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