(not so much of a ) SUMMARY: Strange problems with syslogd

From: Gustavo Vegas (titan!gustavo@enuucp.eas.asu.edu)
Date: Thu May 05 1994 - 01:59:25 CDT

Hello Sun Managers,
        On Apr 19 I asked a question regarding some problems that I
am having with syslogd and a modification to the /etc/syslog.conf file.
        So far, I have got only 3 answers, and none of them really points
to a definite solution, just state certain facts about syslogd. Thanks
to those that answered, nevertheless:
Marc P. Rinfret <Marc.Rinfret@eng.canadair.ca>
Casper Dik <casper@fwi.uva.nl>
Jeff Allen jallen@Synopsys.COM

The problem (which still exists) is that after a modification of the
syslog.conf file, which includes the printing of marks every 20 minutes,
syslogd keeps on spwaning daemons which stay running for good, and eventually
choke the machine out of processes in the process table. I am currently using
the same exact syslog.conf file in 2 other Suns of different architectures
with nothing such as this problem taking place.

Marc P. Rinfret <Marc.Rinfret@eng.canadair.ca> mentioned basically that
this could be caused by syslogd instances that are waiting on ghost entries
in the /etc/utmp , but these would exit properly when a connection takes place
on the ptty or tty where the syslogd is working. In my case, there were
no ghosts entries in the utmp.

Casper Dik <casper@fwi.uva.nl> pointed out:
>The root,gustavo line will cause syslogd to fork and look for terminals
>that root and gustavo are logged into. It will then open the terminals
>and send a message. If opening hangs, the syslogds may persist a while,
>though they will timeout.

Again in my case they never timed out.

Finally, Jeff Allen jallen@Synopsys.COM said:
>Be sure you are using a tab a instead of a space in the lines you add.
>I don't remeber what the consequences of making that mistake were for
>me (I don't think it was what you are seeing) but it is one frequent
>problem with syslog.conf files.

I checked this one also, with no success, my lines were properly "tabbed".

Thanks again,
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