Summary: Question about Sun TCP/IP performace

From: Yen-Wen Chen (
Date: Mon May 02 1994 - 19:44:54 CDT

Hi, Sun Managers:

Thanks Jeff Kays
        Mike Wagner
        Roland Kaltefleiter

The summary of my question is showed as follows ::
> In Sun workstation, TCP/IP is implemented in its kerenl. I have
> two questions about TCP/IP.
> 1. Is there any system prarmeters which change will impact TCP/IP
> performace ? ( Of cource, after changing these parameters, we must
> make a new kernel version to test it. )
There are a few parameters. Most of the are found in /sys/netinet/in_proto.h.
One of the most valuable variables is the tcp_sendspace and tcp_recvspace
variables, which set the buffer, or window, sizes. For protocols like FDDI
and ATM you want these larger than the default 4KBytes. I have mine set
to 24KBytes.

> 2. Is there any benchmark to testing TCP/IP or UDP/IP related
> performance ?
A good TCP tester is ttcp, which can be found with archie. It is good
because it reads/writes data from/to memory, so you don't have issues
like disk speed to worry about.

    Yen_Wen Chen

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