SUMMARY: Help help help! (386i boot file)

From: Dave Shevett (
Date: Fri Apr 29 1994 - 16:11:55 CDT

The peasants are appeased. Somewhat.

Thanks to Dave Munro who actually MAILED me the 386i boot image
(i dind't know our mailers could handle a 160k file, but it came
through okay - who'dathunk?)

Problem is, the 386i is sitting there broadcasting tftp requests:

   64 udp turtle old-broadcast 1280 tftp

but nothing is replying. I've munged up /etc/ethers, /etc/hosts,
and /tftpboot:

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root 23 Apr 29 10:40 C6037E0B -> boot.sun386.sunos.4.0.2
-rw-r----- 1 root 122016 Apr 29 10:27 boot.sun386.sunos.4.0.2

8:0:20:2:2:f0 turtle # Ye ol venerable 386i

/etc/hosts: turtle #Sun 386i

Since etherfind is showing 'turtle's name, I assume it rarped
correctly, and is trying to tftp the boot image. It looks like
in.tftpd is respawning over and over again on the server, eac
time turtle tries to get anb image. No warnings anywhere,
no nuthin... just these in the ps listing:

(null) 12034 0.0 0.7 40 312 ? S 11:28 0:00 in.tftpd -s /tftpboot
root 12040 0.0 0.5 40 248 r3 S 11:28 0:00 grep tftp
(null) 12035 0.0 0.4 40 176 ? S 11:28 0:00 in.tftpd -s /tftpboot

(note that this was pasted in at 11:29 - the time keeps changing,
but the 386i just keeps saying "Waiting for a boot server to send a

I suspect this is something wrong in my /tftpboot directory, but for
the life of me I can't figure out what it is.

Ah well - back to the drudgery... :)

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