SUMMARY: Using ASCII Terminals as SPARC Server Consoles -Resend

From: Quinlan, Grant W. (
Date: Thu Apr 28 1994 - 02:57:33 CDT

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     Grant W. Quinlan

We are using VT320 ascii terminals as the console devices for our servers.
Sometime ago I participated in a discussion in this forum about getting
this configuration to work properly, but at that time we were unable to
configure the terminals so that they would not drop characters. We have
finally set up the terminals and SUNs so that they will work together
properly. The highlights of what we did follows:

     We configured the VT320's for 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit,

        XOFF flow control, and "Data Leads Only" (Hardware Flow Control

     We connected the VT's to the SUNs with null-modem cables.

     We configured the SUNs with this command:
       "/usr/kvm/eeprom ttya-mode=9600,8,n,1,s input-device=ttya \
         output-device=ttya screen-#rows=24 ttya-ignore-cd=true \
     NOTE: the answerbook and man pages say the mode parameter
       should be formatted differently than I described above! They are
       and your system will hang during boot if you follow their

     We shutdown the systems to the monitor prompt, did a printenv to
       confirm the changes, and then did a reset to ensure that the eeprom
       changes would take effect and to reboot.

     The final step was then to modify /etc/inittab to change the -T option
      to the saf/ttymon command from "sun" to "vt220"

     Grant W. Quinlan

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