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From: Cleandro Viana (
Date: Tue Apr 26 1994 - 19:20:07 CDT

My Original request:

Hello Sun Managers,

        I am looking for some kind of software that will
allow me to create network maps automatically. Right now
am using a flowchart software and everytime I change
something on the local network, I have to change my flowchart.
Is there anything, free if possible, that can do this kind of
thing automatically?


I only got a few responses and most of the people that responded was
interested on the same kinds of tools. Here they are:

1) Thanks to

Use 'archie' to look for the following:
                        1) interman
                        2) etherman
                        3) packetman

All the above packages are very CPU intensive and u definitely need
a SPARC 10 to get some quick observations. Just play around with it
a lot of options are available and its all graphical with a lot of
colors. You can print a hard copy with the print option available in
each of them. I don't remember the specifics of each of them but as
the names spell out interman is for network connections displaying
IP nos and hostnames of Hosts, etherman is for the same thing except that
you see ethernet nos instead of IP nos, and packetman I guess is to
observe packets.

Only the binaries are available, but for a small fee ($500) I think the source
code is available. These packages are developed at some Univ. in Australia.


2) Thanks to

Perhaps tkined and scotty (tcl/tk) will help you.
Where to get?

Greets, Michael

3) Thanks to

I don't know of any Sun-based software for this, but I do reccomend
NetViz. It's a commercial PC-based product, but it turns out
FANTASTIC network maps in minutes.

4) Thanks to

The best thing I can say, is to buy "NetViz" for your Pc...
it's only $149 or so, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE It..
does flowcharts , and makes databases on your network. runs under windows.
buy it!

5) Thanks to

tkined automatically charts and plots a network, but I find I must still
hand edit the plot. I cannot remember where I ftp'd it from so you will
have to use archie to locate it.

Here is a blurb from its man page:
     tkined - an interactive network editor (the tk version)

     tkined [ files ]

     tkined is an interactive network editor for drawing network
     maps. tkined can be used as a graphical frontend for quite
     a number of applications that normally act on a network map
     (e.g. network management systems, network simulators).
     Applications run as separate processes that communicate with
     tkined through a simple protocol, which is encapsulated in a
     set of commands that extend the tool command language Tcl(3)
     with tkined specific commands.

Below is a mailing list you can subscribe to in order to get
more info.



6) Thanks to

Netlabs has a tool which comes with their network mgmt software which goes out on the net and automatically builds a network map of your current network. You can limit its searching capability in case your machines are on separate router segments, or if you are a member of a much larger network.

Netlabs/Manager Netlabs/Discovery Netlabs/Assist

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