SUMMARY: Copying a boot tape

From: Gary Goldberg (
Date: Tue Apr 26 1994 - 14:02:06 CDT

This one was obviously too easy for my overly complex head. I confess
I thought there was something special/different about the SunOS boot tapes.

I did receive three types of replies so far.
1. Use tcopy (overall favorite)
2. Use dd if=input of=output
and 3. One fellow sent me a copy of a tape copy program he uses, tputil.
Also apparently there is aprogram available through archie called copytape.
Thanks again for the help. - Gary

Thanks to the following:

From: (Sean Dillman)
From: (Augustine Cano)
From: "Henry Katz" <>
From: (Joshua Walfish F.I. Research LAN Admin. 212-648-4473
From: (Dr. Robert Pasken)
From: hoogs@SynOptics.COM (Tim Hoogasian)
From: (Christian Hnilica)
From: (Michael Betti/Development

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