SUMMARY: Click on a File, Launch an Application

From: David Burwell 7929 (
Date: Tue Apr 26 1994 - 12:00:39 CDT

Original post:
> We are running Openwin 3.0, and I have some users that want to be able to
> double click on a file (in filemanager), and launch the application that
> created it.
> EG: Currently, you can double click on a .gif file, and snapshot will launch
> and load that file, this association is apparently built into Openwin, I want
> to be able to creat my own associations.
> We have a CAD program that creates files that end in ".job". I want to be
> able to double click on a file that ends in .job, and launch the CAD program.
> This should be very simple, but I can't find anything that relates to it.
> I suppose that I could be looking it up under the wrong terminolgy or such.
It is obvious that I was looking under the wrong terminology. I was looking for
"association", "program links", etc.

The overwhelming (and, apparently, only) answer is:
The "binder" program that is included with OpenWindows.

There is apparently an AnswerBook entry for this:
> The info is under the Answerbook:
> Developer's Set -> Openwindows Set -> Desktop Integration -> Classing Engine.

But there appears to be some problems:
> The icon binder in Openwindows 3.0 seems to be hopelessly broken, so the
> command to use to set up the binding is ce_db_build.
> Kelly
(I'm not sure I understand this, but I will look into it)


> What you want is "binder". As with all Sun software there are
> many patches for this to make it work such as
> 100444-55
> 100451-62
> 100452-56
> 100462-27
> 100493-4
> 100523-15
> 100524-6
> Just love the revision numbers on some of those !
> Regards,
> Tim Griffin
> Systems Consultant
I am not running any of these patches, but I will try binder anyway.

I will set it up sometime in the next day or two. But with this many same
answers, this must be it.

This is a list of those that responded. Thanks to all. One person thought that
this was an inapproperate message for this forum. If so, I appoligize. (Bownes) (james mularadelis)
Claus Assmann <> (Peter Watkins) (Tim Evans) (Mike Freeman) (Wayne Sibley 233/A32 x2230) (Mike Tiberio) (John Hammersmith)
"Kelly G. Price" <Kelly.Price@Eng.Auburn.EDU> (Cengiz Oezcan-Barlach) (Tim Griffin - Systems Admin) (Jeff Tate X2789) (Frank Greco)
Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon <>
Mr T Crummey (DIJ) <> (Gary A White)
"Derrick J. Brashear" <> (Alan Dettrick) (James Rae) (Brett Lymn)
"Jonathan B. Horen" <>
Jeffrey Kaiserman - Capreq Dev <> (Nelson Fernandez)

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