SUMMARY : stuck sendmail child process

From: Ronald W. Henderson (
Date: Tue Apr 26 1994 - 01:25:50 CDT

Sun Managers:

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to wait to see if a possible solution would work.
Thanks for all that responded. May responses where from people that where
running SunOS 4.1.x. Since I'm running Solaris 2.3 I didn't think their
solution would help. The said that not putting a carriage return at the end of
a mail message could cause a child sendmail to hang. Another said they
had sendmail hang when mail was sent to an unknown alias.

Solution so far: I installed patch 101318-41 that had a sendmail fix in it. I
have not had a stuck sendmail child process for one week now. So far so

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>From Tue Apr 19 17:15 GMT 1994
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 1994 12:46:36 +0000
From: (Ronald W. Henderson)
Subject: stuck sendmail child process

Sun Managers:

We have a SC1000 running solaris 2.3 with Sun's latest patches (101318-39).
This machine is configured for our mail host. We get one or two child
sendmail processes stuck or wedged each day. When a child sendmail process
is stuck it eats up a tredmendous amount of CPU cycles.
To fix the problem I just kill the child sendmail process that is stuck, not
the parent. The majority of the time using mail within our network and sending
mail out over the net works just fine.

Questions: Has any one experienced this behavior with Solaris 2.3 sendmail?
 Does anyone have a suggestion to log or determine the actual mail transaction
 that occurred for the wedged sendmail process? Thanks...

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