SUMMARY: Z-Modem for Sun

From: Paul Nader (
Date: Tue Apr 19 1994 - 10:05:56 CDT

My original question was :

>I'v recently connected a netcomm modem to a sparc2 and would dearly like to do
>Z-modem transfers. I am connecting to the remote end (a PC normally) using
>cu. The remote end only knows Z-modem.
>I have tried rzsz without success (and I don't think you can use it from
>cu anyway) and Sun don't seem to market any Z-modem software. Can anybody
>recommend any packages that would allow me to do what I want. I would be
>especially interested in hearing from people who have had success at this
>sort of thing.

The following packages apparently do what I require :

ecu 3.23 (which I have tried - and works fine)
pcomm 2.0.2 (have not tried yet)
seyon (an X-based terminal program originally written for linux)
xc (no one suggested this one, which I've tried without success) suggests that rzsz does work from tip if you start
the sending process (sz) before doing a ~C to do a ~rz. That, however, does
not work on my system which may be related to the fact that some recent
versions of rsrz seem not to work for some systems (many people have actually
suggested using an older version of rsrz).

Many thanks to : (Craig Moore for pointing ecu out and sending the files !)
Kamil Kukura <> (mine compiles as well but doesn't work) (Tim Hoogasian) (Johnny Hui)
Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <> (Jerry Stachowski) (Andy Finkenstadt) (Upkar Singh Kohli) (Michael C. Loewen) (Michael Sullivan)

The following responses were posted :

>From : (Tim Hoogasian)

You'll want to check out the "pcomm 2.0.2" package, by Emmett Gray,
along with his (unofficial) patch that makes sz/rz work from within
his program (pcomm is a PD look/work-alike to the commercial ProComm
package which he created).

Check 'archie' to find pcomm; also, if you write Emmett a note, he
usually is pretty quick about writing back to give you a hand.

From: (Johnny Hui)

I used Z-modem on Sun a lot. While you cannot use zmodem with cu, you
can use z-modem with tip. However, you need to start the send (sz)
before you do a ~C to do a rz. Give it a try.

Johnny Hui
From: (Fazeel Mufti 6895)

Sorry, I can't be of much help, but I'd be interested in any results that
you find. I tried to get a public domain package "pcomm" to work with the
PD versions of sz/rz, but couldn't get pcomm to work properly. You might
want to try to get that package to work and see if that helps. Anyways,
if you figure out a way to use Z-modem, please let me know. Thanks.

From: Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <>

kermit is a pretty decent package, for cu-like jobs, especially since
it will allow you to invoke external protocols. Also, if you crank up
kermit's block size, it's actually gives pretty decent speeds - though
not like a stream protocol, such as zmodem.

However, if you compile and install kermit, then you could escape out
to rzsz, I imagine.

rzsz, in current incarnations, seems to do fine for transferring from
the remote to the local, but not for sending from the local to the
remote. Older version worked fine for receiving. I took a semirecent
one and got it to receive, by fixing up the poor mixing of stdin and
/dev/tty. I no longer have the patches, I'm afraid - I only had 40M
on my linux system one day, and needed some space... You know the
story. But the binaries are still there, still working. It can be

From: (Jerry Stachowski)

   I use an old version of rzsz with tip and it seems to work fine. I typically
don't use tip to do protocol transfers, I use pcomm instead. Which uses the
rz and sz stuff for it's zmodem transfers.
   Hope this helps---
   Jerry Stachowski

From: (Andy Finkenstadt)

The OLD version of rzsz from about 1990 or 1991 can live under
Sun's TIP implementation. At least it works on SVR4 and my
newer/newest version of rzsz does not work on his SVR$ or my


Also, SEYON is an X-based terminal program with Zmodem, etc.
Works on Suns usually. Originally written for Linux.
From: (Upkar Singh Kohli)

There's a 'pcomm' software, which is basically like 'ProComm for DOS'
and is public domain. Try 'archie'. It works pretty well.

I don't have the address handy, but you can try 'archie'. Otherwise
let me know, and I will find out...
From: (Michael C. Loewen)

   Get an older version of Zmodem, pre-1992. I use version 3.11, from
02/06/91 on our Sun systems. Although it says it won't work in conjunction
with 'cu', ignore it: it works just fine. The only caveat is that when
sending from the Sun to another system, you need to specify a window size,

sz -bw 4096 filename
From: D.C. Williams <>

Please post a summary of the responses you receive. I am also interested
in this subject. I can use sz and rz between a UNIX host and a DOS
machine running a terminal emulation program, but I haven't had any luck
running rz and sz from my Sun. I have compiled Pcomm, but I can't get it
to work correctly under Solaris. I don't know of any other way to run
the Z modem programs on the Sun.
From: (Michael Sullivan)

rzsz can be used successfully with tip, or with pcomm, a freely distributable
curses-based program patterned after the popular DOS program procomm
(it has menus, dialing directories and all that stuff).

You need to use the old, public domain version of rzsz, not the newer
shareware versions that are crippled so as to not work from within
other programs.

The version of rzsz we use can be identified by the first line of file
rz.c, which contains:

#define VERSION "1.26 08-21-87"

The latest version of pcomm I know of is 2.0.2.
They should both be available from the usual source archives.


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