SUMMARY: Elite9, Seagate ST410800N with 4.1.3

From: Colin Allison (
Date: Fri Apr 15 1994 - 21:30:13 CDT

Many thanks to all who responded.
The combination sounds like it will work OK.
Some points however:

a) get your supplier to do the low-level formatting ( most do ), but if
   you need to do it the default 2 hour time out will have to be upped
   as 2 hours is not long enough for a 10.8G disk.
   This can be done by editing the value for SD_FMT_TIME in
   /usr/sys/scsi/targets/sddef.h and rebuilding the kernel.

   Here's the default line from the file (4.1.3):

             * 2 hours is an excessively reasonable amount of time for format
             * operations.
           #define SD_FMT_TIME 120*60

b) Check you're buying a production model with the full five years warranty. The
   product is just out of beta test and there are a lot of evaluation models about.

c) The usual 2G upper bound on partitions must be observed on a standard system.

d) I don't know if this will work on 4.1.2 or older.

Colin Allison
University of St Andrews

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