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I am trying to find how to develope hardware and software
for the SCSI bus. Is there such a thing as a Software Developers
Kit etc... that can help. Any where you can point me will be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all who responded (listed below). Most responded
with similar info. summary follows:


A book I found concerning the Sbus is as follows:
   The Sbus: Information, Applications and Experience
   ISBN 0-387-97862-3

   "The most comprehensive and current volume on Sbus technology
    availiable, this work provides detailed information from the
    hardware point of view that special application developers,
    programmers and engineers need to know for the design and
    implementation of add-on cards for the high-speed Sbus

Well, depends on what you are trying to develop a target or host adapter
driver. First, for either one you need to get the SCSI specification. As
well as the SCSA documents from Sun. They are:

Sun Common SCSI Arch. (SCSA) part # 800-4701-10
SCSA Implementation Guide part # 800-4700-10

This is the start for getting a target driver up and running. If you
are doing a host adapter then I would say buy the developers kit from
someone who makes SCSI host adapters like Antares Microsystems. Then
start from that.





        o Comprehensive reference for SBus and SCSI Developers
        o Guide to SBus card development under the IEEE 1496-1993
          specification and guide to multiprocessing hardware
        o Guide to Solaris 2 device driver development with represent-
          ative sample drivers and extensive man page excerpts
        o Covers OpenBoot PROM Rev. 2 and FCode language extensions
        o Available worldwide either in Kit form or as individual


The SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit, Release III, is a comprehensive guide
to the developer of SBus cards and SCSI device drivers. It consists
of four manuals:

        1) SunOS 5.3 Writing Device Drivers, including a diskette of sample
                drivers and utility programs, and an extensive reference
                section of man pages
        2) Writing FCode Programs
        3) OpenBoot Command Reference
        4) SBus Handbook

The Writing Device Drivers Manual is a very much expanded version of the
preliminary manual distributed as part of the Solaris Migration Kit.
It also contains an extensive selection of man pages which will be a
comprehensive reference for the driver writer. The information contained
in this Manual is key to insuring compatibility with the current and future
releases of the DDI interface.

The SBus Handbook summarizes the IEEE SBus 1496-1993 specification and
provides a guide to design considerations for the various SPARC uni- and
multi-processing architectures. It also contains a reference to enabling
products and services available to the SBus/SCSI developer.

The FCode and OpenBoot manuals discuss OpenBoot, rev. 2, and extensions to
the Forth language, of use to the firmware developer and systems

For a detailed summary of the manuals' contents, see below.

The Solaris 1 based SBus Developer's Kit II+ will remain available from
SunExpress and from SMCC.

The SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit, Release III, is published by SunSoft
Press in conjunction with PTR Prentice Hall. It is distributed
worldwide in either Kit form or as individual
manuals by PTR Prentice Hall. It is available NOW.


                Feature Benefit

Based on Solaris 2, IEEE 1496-1993, Based on the latest standards
OpenBoot PROM 2 for SMCC hardware, software and

One-stop shopping Developers have all the informat-
                                        ion needed to be successful
                                        in designing, developing and
                                        implementing a product

Detailed technical information, Everything the developer should
and extensive reference materials need to build a product

Newly updated sample device drivers Examples of "how to do it" for
More sample device drivers representative device driver


Q: Why a new SBus Developer's Kit?
A: The key to good technical support is good documentation. Because
        SBus is an open specification for which anyone may develop an
        application, and because SMCC has limited resources for technical
        support, it is essential to provide good documentation for
        the latest standards: the IEEE 1496-1993 SBus specification,
        Solaris 2 and OpenBoot PROM 2.

Q: Does the SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit, Release III, support
        Solaris 1?
A: No. It is applicable only to development under Solaris 2. If
        a developer insists upon developing under Solaris 1, he may
        continue to purchase the old SBUS-DEV-KIT-II+ from either
        SMCC or Kaman. Note: the II+ is an orderable part but
        is listed in neither the End-User or the Reseller Price List.

Q: How does the SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit, Release III, differ
        from the SunSoft DDK?
A: The DDK does not contain the SBus Handbook; hence there is no
        material in the DDK which specifically addresses SBus design.
        Conversely, the DDK contains manuals covering graphics
        and imaging libraries (XGL,XIL) and OpenWindows not included in
        the SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit, Release III. In addition, there
        are more sample drivers included in the Release III Kit.

        So the differences between the II+, III and DDK are as follows:

        \__ Solaris 2 Solaris 1

        SBus HW SBus/SCSI Developer's SBUS-DEV-KIT-II+
        Manuals Kit, Release III

        Graphics SunSoft DDK

Q: Must one order the entire Kit or can one order individual manuals?
A: The entire Kit and individual manuals are available from
        PTR Prentice Hall.

        ISBN Number Number Title
        ----------- ------------ -----
        0-13-107202-1 10720-1 SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit
        0-13-107228-5 10722-7 SunOS 5.3 Writing Device Drivers
        0-13-107236-6 10723-5 Writing FCode Programs
        0-13-107194-7 10719-3 OpenBoot Command Reference
        0-13-107210-2 10721-9 SBus Handbook

Q: Is the SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit, Release III, available from
A: No.

Q: How can I order? How can I contact PTR Prentice Hall?
A: Order directly from PTR Prentice Hall. You can contact them at
        the following address:

            For US single copies:
              PTR Prentice Hall
              Order Processing Department
              P.O. Box 11071
              Des Moines, IA 50336
              tel: (515)284-6751
              fax: (515)284-2607
              or use order form (see below)

            INDIVIDUAL MANUALS from this kit are available:
              through local technical bookstores worldwide, including the
              over 200 PTR PH Magnet Stores worldwide.
              To locate the PTR Magnet Store nearest you, contact:
              fax: (201)816-4146; BBS: (201)816-2500;
              ftp: (login as anonymous and use your email
                address as the password)


The SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit, Release III, is available now from
PTR Prentice Hall.


1) SBus Handbook: The SBus Handbook provides design engineers with a
comprehensive source of SBus design information based on the IEEE
1496-1993 standard. Intended for hardware engineers, it explains the
design requirements necessary to produce IEEE SBus compliant products.
In addition, it discusses design considerations for the various SMCC
hardware architectures, and it contains a reference section of enabling
products and services.

Detailed contents include:

        * An overview of the SBus specification
        * A description of the basic SBus signals and protocols
        * A description of the electrical and mechanical specifications of
          the SBus standard
        * In depth design information to develop IEEE-compliant SBus
        * A review of design considerations for Sun computer systems
          relative to the SBus standard
        * A guide to enabling products and services for the developer

2) SunOS 5.3 Writing Device Drivers: Writing Device Drivers describes
how to develop SBus device drivers for character-oriented devices, block-
oriented devices, and SCSI target devices. Written for UNIX programmers
who are familiar with drivers, this book discusses the development
of dynamically loadable and unloadable, multithreaded reentrant device
drivers applicable to all SPARC architectures that conform to the
Solaris 2.x SPARC DDI/DKI.

Detailed contents include:

        * An overview of the SunOS kernel
        * Hardware issues related to device drivers
        * An overview of SunOS device drivers
        * Multithreading mechanisms of the SunOS kernel
        * Autoconfiguration support for drivers
        * Interrupt handlers, including registering, servicing, and
          removing interrupts
        * DMA (direct memory access) and DMA interfaces
        * Drivers for character devices
        * Drivers for block devices
        * SCSI target drivers
        * Loading and unloading drivers
        * Debugging, including coding suggestions, testing hints, and a
          simple adb/kadb tutorial

SunOS 5.3 Writing Device Drivers includes a diskette containing sample
drivers and utilities, and an extensive (over 800 pages) selection of
man pages for use as a reference. Sample drivers included are:

        * PIO
        * DMA
        * SCSI Block
        * SCSI Target
        * Streams
        * RAM disc

3) Writing FCode Programs: Writing FCode Programs is written for
designers of SBus interface cards and other devices that use the FCode
interface language. It assumes familiarity with SBus card design and
Forth programming. The material covered discusses SBus development for
both OpenBoot 1.x and 2.x systems.

Detailed contents include:

        * Relationships between Fcode device drivers and hardware
        * Basic elements of FCode programming
        * Producing FCode programs from source through testing
        * FCode packages and properties
        * Block, byte and serial devices and their programming
        * FCode dictionary and examples

4) OpenBoot Command Reference: The OpenBoot Command Reference describes
OpenBoot 2.x firware that is part of the boot PROM in Sun systems.
This manual contains information on how to use the OpenBoot firware to
perform such tasks as booting the operating system, running diagnostics,
modifying system start-up configuration parameters, loading and executing
programs, and troubleshooting. It also describes the commands of the
OpenBoot Forth interpreter.

Detailed contents include:

        * An overveiw of the user interface
        * Booting and testing OpenBoot firmware systems
        * Setting NVRAM configuration parameters
        * Using Forth tools
        * Loading and executing programs from various sources
        * Debugging with the disassembler, the Forth source-level
          debugger, and setting breakpoints



Contact PTR Prentice Hall.



PTR Prentice Hall:

ISBN Hall List
Number Number Title Price

0-13-107202-1 (10720-1) SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit $215.00
0-13-107228-5 (10722-7) SunOS 5.3 Writing Device Drivers 90.00
0-13-107236-6 (10723-5) Writing FCode Programs 45.00
0-13-107194-7 (10719-3) OpenBoot Command Reference 45.00
0-13-107210-2 (10721-9) SBus Handbook 35.00

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____ 0-13-107202-1 (10720-1) SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit $215.00

____ 0-13-107228-5 (10722-7) SunOS 5.3 Writing Device Drivers 90.00
____ 0-13-107236-6 (10723-5) Writing FCode Programs 45.00
____ 0-13-107194-7 (10719-3) OpenBoot Command Reference 45.00
____ 0-13-107210-2 (10721-9) SBus Handbook 35.00

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Ensures Solaris 2 Compatibility

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- February 1, 1994 -- Sun Microsystems
Computer Corporation (SMCC) today introduced the SBus/SCSI
Developer's Kit, Release III, which helps developers extend
product lifetimes and speed development efforts. Recently
accepted as an IEEE industry standard, SBus is a high
performance I/O bus whose low power consumption and small
form factor make it scalable from portable systems to
supercomputers. It is included in all SPARCstation(TM),
SPARCserver(TM) and SPARCcenter(TM) systems from SMCC.

Based on the Solaris(R) 2 operating environment, the kit
reflects the latest SMCC hardware architectures, including
multiprocessing systems, and includes a comprehensive reference
to the Solaris 2.3 device driver interface (DDI). Compliance to
the DDI is critical in ensuring device driver compatibility
between successive releases of Solaris. The kit also provides
summary information on the IEEE 1496-1993 SBus specification.

"There are over 150 vendors offering more than 400 products
based on the SBus specification -- not including OEM and other
embedded applications -- and they are rapidly moving to the
Solaris 2 environment," said Harold Sonenklar, SBus marketing
manager, SMCC. "The new kit lets developers expand their market
opportunities, providing backward and forward compatibility
with the most recent improvements in our workstation and
operating system technology."

The new kit contains four manuals: The SBus Handbook includes a
guide to design considerations for SMCC hardware, IEEE SBus
protocol information, and a guide to SBus products and services;
SunOS(TM) 5.3 Writing Device Drivers including a diskette of sample
drivers and utilities, and an extensive selection of man pages
to serve as a comprehensive reference for driver writers; Writing
FCode Programs, Version 2 containing Forth language extensions;
OpenBoot(TM) command Reference, Version 2 covering Rev. 2 of

The SBus/SCSI Developer's Kit, Release III is now available
worldwide from PTR Prentice Hall Publishers for $215 (U.S.
suggested list price). Individual manuals
can be purchased separately from PTR Prentice Hall. For
additional pricing and availability information, contact
PTR Prentice Hall at: (201) 592-2657.

The latest Sbus specification is B.0 and is available in document
part #800-5922-10. I don't know what all the differences might
be between the two documents. I know they changed the mechanical
fit spec since the Rev A document. The old style boards
won't fit in the new systems to to changes in the rear panel.
Sun modified them so they could be mounted on a VME style
card, attaching them with screws to the rear.

In addition to that document, there are the following documents
that you need to develop Sbus products:

Open Boot PROM Toolkit User's Guide - #800-4251-10
Open Boot PROM Toolkit User's Guide - #800-5279-10
Introduction to Open Boot PROM 2.0 - #800-5674-10
Open Boot PROM 2.0 Command Reference - #800-6076-10
Open Boot PROM Toolkit Reference Summary - #800-4687-10
Open Boot PROM Toolkit Reference Summary - #800-5280-10
Open Boot PROM Command Summary - #800-5675-10
Writing FCode Programs for SBus Cards -#800-4456-10

There are two versions of Boot PROM, 1.0 and 2.0 (a.k.a. Open Boot
PROM). That's why you see two different manuals. SPARCStation 1,
1+, IPC, etc. all used the 1.0. Newer systems use the 2.0 version.
2.0 is available for the old systems too.


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