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> I've read the man pages on routed but I couldn`t tell when
> you start routed without any options is that the same as
> using -q (quiet mode), or does the default cause routed
> to transmit routing information ?

Thanks to the many people that responded(list follows). Tom Conroy
responded with the most accurate description. His response is
included below!


I can't speak authoritatively due to a lack of source code, but
from *LOTS* of observation and poking around:

"in.routed" != "in.routed -q"

"in.routed -q" will never send out any packets - routing updates
or information requests. Ever.

On a system with one interface configured up, "in.routed" will
send a RIP broadcast when started. This is a request for routing
information intended for all routers on attached networks. The
initial request is sent so that the machine does not have to wait
for the normal updates to be sent (~30 Seconds). After this, no
additional packets are sent out by the client. It is *NOT* a
router and should not advertise any routing information.

On a system with more than one interface configured, "in.routed"
will assume that this machine should be a router and will send
broadcast updates every 30 seconds with all of the information
contained in its routing tables. (Slight oversimplification here ...)
If you do NOT want a multi-homed machine to advertise itself
as a router, you neeed to start in.routed in quiet mode. Unfortunately,
it will not send out the initial RIP request for routes and may
take a little longer to boot.

Hope this isn't too confusing ...

Good luck,

Tom Conroy

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