From: Rick Wightman (
Date: Thu Apr 14 1994 - 12:49:35 CDT

Gentle Managers:

Several weeks ago I posted a request for ProxyArp information.
I got many helpful responses and once I put it together, I discovered that I'd
made a type III error: solving the wrong problem. I'll initiate another,
correct, query shortly. What I got out of the Proxy ARP query can be boiled down
into ...

sez "K.ISE" <> :

The "Proxy ARP" protocol is described in RFC1027.
And you can get these sources from some ftp sites.

For example;

This by no means indicates that this was the only response, simply that having
figured out what it didn't do, I persued it no further.

Thanks to:

"K.ISE" <> (Eckhard Rueggeberg)
Chris Swanson <>
Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <>

Original Query:


I want to have two ethernet cards in my SS10 (OS4.1.3): one that feeds a lab of
x-terms using the SS10 as a server; the other connects the lab and server to the
campus- and inter-net. I also want both interfaces on the same network, but
subnetting would be > difficult for administrative reasons. To do this I think I
should be able to have the server know what machines are on the lab interface
and route accordingly. Do I want too much? Weeelll...

Our campus network specialist thinks that this can be accomplished using
"proxarp", but isn't intimate with it past this level of familiarity. My
questions are:
1) Where can I get more information about proxyarp?
2) Do you have a better solution than proxyarp?

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