SUMMARY: Timeout error on the hard disks of a SPARC 10

From: Mauro Jorge Atalla (
Date: Thu Apr 14 1994 - 12:17:01 CDT

        Thanks to all who helped me with this. The problem is still not
100% solved. I could only manage to reduce the frequency from 20 or more times
a day to 1 or 2. Most of the answers pointed to the /etc/system file. I
should set scsi_options=0x58. One of the answers suggested to call Micropolis,
and I did. They told me to install patch # 101228. I did and didn't help
much. I remember reading a while ago on the net that the proper scsi_options
should be 0x78, so I tried it. And it seems that this with the patch reduced
the frequency of timeouts. Some people also told me to check the scsi
terminations, and as far as I can tell they are correct. I can't check the
SUN hard disk because SUN does not ship a manual with the hard drive.
        I am almost believing John DiMarco (, who
said that they had this problem and it was only solved with the replacement
of the motherboard. I'll call SUN tomorrow...
        For people that asked to send a copy of the solution, my advice is:
apply the patch and use first scsi_options=0x58, and if doesn't work, use
        After all, does anyone know exactly what these numbers for
the scsi_options mean? Is there a table of meanings??? Does anyone have
a list of variables that can be set on /etc/system and their meaning and
default values??

        Thanks to everyone who helped!!!


Mauro Jorge Atalla
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