SUMMARY: Tuning parameter MAXUP

From: Tung Kwong Yeong (
Date: Thu Apr 14 1994 - 02:03:43 CDT

Hi Sun Managers,

I asked the following question:

How do I reduce the processes per user id (MAXUP) as shown in the sysdef

The answer is to put the line "set maxuprc = <desired maximum>" in
/etc/system from Casper Dik.

Danny and Thom has indicated the parameter is located in
/usr/include/sys/conf.common/param.c or param.h. I do not have the
directory conf.common and param.h does not have the tuning variables. So
I presume this is only appliable to SUN OS 4.x. I am still looking for
documentations or files that contain the tuning parameters. Can the FAQ
include a section on how to change the tuning parameters?

Thanks to the following:
Casper Dik
Thom Garrett
Todd Glassey
Venkat Chalasani
Aidan Williams
Danny Johnson


Kwong-Yeong Tung
Computer Centre
National University of Singapore

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