SUMMARY: PD VT3x0 emulator

From: Thomas Gehringer US/ITP 52/2/72 #71472 (
Date: Wed Apr 13 1994 - 10:59:44 CDT

Thanks to everyone who responded, especially to
Hans Burkard, Donald McLachlan and Glenn Newell.

The original question:
> Subject says it all - i'd like to have a good (PD prefered)
> emulator
> for VT320 and/or VT340 terminals. We're using Bristol's IsoTerm
> currently.

The outcome is:
Most people need vt emulators to talk to vms.
VMS comes with decterm, a vt340 emulator that can be displayed on any
xterminal or workstation running X.
1) crttool (xcrttool?)
2) vttool (xvttool?)

These seem to be the only PD tools.
I haven't tried them yet, don't know whether they are useful.
WE-D320 (DEC VT320 Emulation), more info from ""

Thanks again.


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