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From: Terry White (
Date: Wed Apr 13 1994 - 04:43:20 CDT

Hello all, this problem has been resolved. The problem was the
private network provider that my system connects to had the wrong
network address in the access list. Thats why they weren't seeing
my network. Thanks to all that replied and shared some useful techniques
on routed.

terry white

> Hello all, I have a SS2 configured as a router. ie0 is connected
> to our internal network and ie1 is connected to a
> private network We have been experiencing intermintent
> problems communicating with the 198.180.111 network from hosts on the
> network. The private network provider states the problem
> may be due to the fact that the system configured as a router is not
> broadcasting any route information. Thats leads to my question, how do I
> configure the SS2 ( router system ) to broadcast routing information. I
> have looked in all the sun documentation but was unable to find anything.
> Can this be done with routed or do I need gated. I forgot to metion I'm
> running 4.1.3_U1 on the SS2.

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