SUMMARY: sag graphing - TERM type to use

From: Andrew Pieri (
Date: Tue Apr 12 1994 - 14:42:14 CDT

Hi folks,

Problem was: 'unable to graph sar data due to sag reporting terminal type

Resolved by starting an xterm session as follows: xterm -t -tn 4014
This starts up xterm in tek mode and sets the TERM variable to 4014.

I get a warning come up when I start xterm in this mode (translation table
syntax error found while parsing XTerm*fontmenu.label), but the graphing works.

Thanks to all who responded:

Ted Nolan - <>
Derek Andow - <cs02!c10!>
Jacques Beigbeder - <>
John Jenkinson - <>
Paul Riethmuller - <>
Paul Rosham - <>

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