SUMMARY: chown on print jobs

From: Ed Baxter (pdiejb@PII.COM)
Date: Tue Apr 12 1994 - 10:10:05 CDT

I originally asked:

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Honorable Sun Managers,

I have set up a psuedo-printer in my printcap that runs a job through a
script (via the of filter) before sending it to the "real" printer. The
problem is that all the print jobs are now owned by daemon, and the
users don't know which is their file. They also can't dequeue it. I
would like to change the owner of the print job back to the original
user. Please advise.

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My solution was to use 'rsh' in my 'of' filter (psuedo-printer) to send
the job to the real printer queue. This requires that each user use a .rhosts
file with the following entry: + daemon

you will also need to write aliases for lpq and lprm to detect what
$PRINTER is set to, and if it is the psuedo printer, then operate on the
real printer queue.

following are my two scripts:

output filter for printcap of psuedo-printer-
     # get real users name
     name=`ls -l /var/spool/printers/psuedo-printer/df* | usr/bin/nawk '{print $3}'`
     rsh -l $name $HOST /var/spool/aux_tray_filter


     # the following sends the print job to the 'real' printer
     # and uses the newsprinter command 'pl' instead of 'lpr' in order to
     # switch paper trays.
      /usr/bin/cat | /usr/newsprint/pl.sun4/bin/pl -PNeWSprinter20 :auxtray

Many thanks to the following for their replies.

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