SUMMARY: Waht is the rev of the CPU

Date: Tue Apr 12 1994 - 03:12:47 CDT

Thanks for all of the quick responses!!! (Leonardo C. Topa)
Brad Burdick
Paul Humphreys (hydres!paul)
Eckhard R|ggeberg
Mike Myers
Brian D. Decker
Michael Teh
Pom Bajar
Gary W. Cook
Casper Dik

For the most part, the reason I was seeing 40MHz on the script I had was that
the MBUS on the Sparcstations runs at 40MHz, and the CPU runs at 50MHz. MOst
folks told me to run devinfo -vp to look at all options on the system. The
output for the host (this the MBUS) would be a clock frequency in hex, then the
banner name for the Sparcstation. Later, you would get a node call out for the
TI SuperSparc and it's clock rate in hex. If you translate those out, you get
40MHz MBUS and 50MHz CPU. (see below)


Node 0xffd2be60
        clock-frequency: 02625a00
        banner-name: 'SPARCstation 10 (1 X 390Z55)'
        name: 'SUNW,SPARCstation-10'


        Node 0xffd4b120
                clock-frequency: 02faf080
                implementation: 00000000
                version: 00000001
                name: 'TI,TMS390Z55'
                ecache-line-size: 00000020

Other options were to do a module-info on the boot-prom of the system, use
fpversion (comes with the programming tools from Sun), or you can pop open the
pizza box and look at the module. The 10/51's use a clock crystal on the
module, the 20/30/40 modules use the clock on the motherboard.

I did receive on excellent script from Caspar Dik that gave me the true
frequency of the SuperSPARC chip. If anyone would like it, please email to
Caspar or mself. The script I used to use I will rename as MBUS_checker instaed
of SPARC_checker ;-)

For those of you curious about the jumpers issue, apparently there was a kludge
upgrade for a model 31 to go to a model 41. I do not have the particulars but
I'm sure if anyone has mod 31's out there they can wrestle with their local Sun
reps to get the info.

Oleg Chaikovsky
Merisel, Inc.


>Hi All!!!
>I am in a dilemma. We were shipped some Sparc 10/51 systems and were
>curious as to why the systems were performing slower than we expected. We had
>a script that checked for the speed of the CPU. It told us all of the systems
>were 40MHz, not 50!!! How can we tell which processor we really have
>installed. Markings on the chip? Some info during the boot process? Let me
>know gang.
>Also, I know it has been asked many times, but I did not see it on the latest
>FAQ - what was the rumor/tweak with the jumpers on the logic board of a Sparc10
>to make the system run faster? If you have this, please email it to me, or let
>me know where to get it.

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