SUMMARY: Unexpected close from ...

From: Rashad Al-Yawir (
Date: Tue Apr 12 1994 - 01:26:24 CDT

My original question was :

>> We are receiving the following messages on our mail server (SS2, OS
>> SunOS 4.1.1) :
>> unexpected close, from <>: connection reset by peer during
>> collect with <>
>> Any idea

Thanks to :
  Jacques Beigbeder
  Jay Lessert

and here what they say :

The answer is that a user writes a mail using emacs, and the
mail don't have a \n at the end. I don't know if sendmail 8.6.8
from UCB still have the problem, but Sun's sendmail breaks
on this kind of mail.

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The SMTP protocol defines 'end-of-message' as "." followed by "<CR>".

Something is sending mail to your server via SMTP, not sending the
final dot, and eventually timing out. Usually in this situation the
message is delivered more-or-less intact.

Early versions of Elm and some inside-emacs mail UI's have been known
to do this.

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