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From: Mauricio Fernandez (
Date: Mon Apr 11 1994 - 07:36:32 CDT

The original question:
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 94 17:09:57 BST
From: Robert Evans <>
Subject: Re: PAD server?

> Hello, I have a SPARCstation with a X.25 connection to a PSDN. I use
> Sunlink's pad to log into remotes machines across the PSDN. Any person
> at my site willing to use the pad must telnet to my station, log in,
> and then run the pad command. I wonder whether there exists something
> like a "pad server". I mean, I want to make invisible the telnet step,
> also for clients that don't share the Ethernet with the pad station. I
> am imagining a client that is executed by any user at any host of the
> network. The user just specifies the X.121 address he wants to reach.
> The client then opens a connection with the server asking him to call
> to the desired address.

Everybody suggested SPAD.
Thank you all!

Robert Evans <>

> You should try spad. This is a replacement for pad which can run directly
> on the x25 host. Or you can run it as an inet daemon (spadd) on the x25 host
> such that client spad programs on the internet can connect through it. The
> client spad user can't tell whether he's on the x25 host or on a client
> on the ethernet. Or clients can telnet to the spadd port and then
> give an X.121 address. This is like you're doing now, except that logging
> in is avoided.
> Get it by anon ftp from - file /computing/comms/x25/spad.tar.Z
> We've used it here for many years (until recently, UK universities all had X25
> access but only local IP networks. Spad was useful for connecting to other
> university sites).

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Colin Macleod)

> I suggest you look at
> Spad means "server pad".

Piete Brooks <>

> spad.
> ....
> It allows you to make (or accept) X.29 calls from any machine on the internet
> to the PSDN (using auth tables to restrict access).
> ....
> it uses TCP to talk to the gateway.
> ....
> It also has a telnet <-> X.29 gateway, so that telnet only hosts can us it.
> However, it is better to use spad on the internet-only host, as it avoids a
> protocol conversion / mismatch.

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