SUMMARY Ghostview/Ghostscript under 2.3?

From: Axel Eble (
Date: Mon Apr 11 1994 - 04:07:02 CDT

This was my original question:
: Hi,

: I have a problem with ghostview 1.5/ghostscript 2.6.1 under Solaris 2.3.
: Both seem to compile fine but whenever I want to view a postscript
: file with ghostview I always get the error message
: "gs: Malformed ghostview color property." I tried to compile it with
: gcc 2.5.2 as well as with the SparcWorks compiler. No change. I
: compiled both of them on another Solaris 2.3 system with the
: SparcWorks compiler where both work fine. I'm totally helpless about
: it - any hints for me out there?

The Problem is solved: I simply didn't apply all the patches to
ghostscript 2.6.1. Shame on me. Do it and all works fine.


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