SUMMARY: SPARCprinter printing lines...

From: Pat Dowler (
Date: Wed Mar 30 1994 - 16:14:21 CST

The consensus on this problem (5 for 5 with email responses) is that the
problem is a dying ROS (Raster Output Scanner). Apparently, for those whose
warranty has expired, Sun charges $1250 for a new one. A re-furbished ROS is
available with trade-in, from:

Dennis Schwindt
Digital Computer Services, Inc.
17903 194th Avenue NE
Woodinville, WA 98072
(206) 788-9399 FAX (206) 788-7443 email:

I believe Xerox can also replace this component.

Thanks for the responses....when I get a chance to swap ROSs with another printer,
I'll be able to confirm this - I'll post again if this is NOT the problem here.


Pat Dowler UVic Astronomy

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